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Dr. Robert Lerohl , DDS - Sandwich Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Robert C. Lerohl

Hello and welcome! My name is Dr. Lerohl; most people at the office call me Dr. Rob or just Rob.  I was raised in a small town in Illinois called Flossmoor and my father was a Downtown Chicago Dentist. My wife Christine thinks that I was destined to become a dentist based on that pedigree and geography.

            I don’t know if it was destiny or not but here is the backstory that answers the question that so many people have asked; why did you want to be a Dentist. Since I was young I have enjoyed Art and Science and being outside. I have been blessed with fantastic mentors in science from a young age. Naturally being outside encouraged me to wonder how the natural world works. Once I got to college I became quite interested in becoming an entomologist (bug scientist). However along with a career I wanted a family. Scratch chasing bugs in South America. After returning to Brigham Young University from a two year mission in France I took a class called Dental School Prep. It tests manual dexterity an aptitude required for dentistry. After finishing a distant first in that class I applied and was accepted to Dental school. As they say the rest is history. It would be difficult to imagine a job I would love more.


My Dental Philosophy:

            In this age of information I encourage every patient to empower themselves and play an active role in their personal treatment plan. I consider myself a coach there to explain ALL of the options, outcomes, and cost. (not just the most expensive ones) Frequently you will hear me say “It’s your mouth and your money and when you sit in that chair you are the boss” Together we can find a way to get your mouth healthy and beautiful based on your needs, wants, budget and what is actually possible. The greatest thing about the state of the art of dentistry is nearly anything is possible.


My Family:


I met my wife in French class while attending BYU.

We fell in love got married and had four children.

She has been such a great supporter of my career and a fantastic Mother.

This is the real reason I love my job; I get to come home

and be with my awesome family.








More Pictures:


           Christine -What's not to love!                                Michael - The Oldest (and survivalist)



  John- Loving it!                             David- Great fishing buddy!                      Big one.....




Melissa- the youngest. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!             Quetico Provincial Park- End of a great trip



 My fun travel companions.