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F.I.R.E. CARD! (First Impressions Rewards E-Card)



No dental insurance?  Lousy dental insurance?  


We have a membership program with you in mind.




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Hi and thank you for visiting our website at First Impressions by Lerohl & Landers.  We are excited to have a membership program for patients that have no dental insurance or if your dental insurance has lousy dental benefits coverage. Keep reading to find out more about our amazing membership program that can help you and your family keep your mouth healthy and your smile looking great!


We call it our FIRE Card discount membership program.  There are memberships for individuals, families, and even seniors & veterans that make dental care accessible and affordable.  In the link below, you'll see the cost of membership, the benefits, and the discounts that will help you to understand and select the best plan for you.



FIRE Card Membership Program



Hope you checked out the link to see the benefits and the fantastic price for access to friendly, compassionate dental care that FIRE Card members enjoy.  There are two ways to pay for the FIRE Card mebership - 1) Monthly Recurring Charge (using your credit car) or 2) Annual one time payment (membership to renew annually).  


BUT WAIT!  THERE'S MORE!  If you would like to pay for a full year of FIRE Card Membership at one time, we will give you ONE MONTH FREE!  That's right!  For an annual membership, you pay for just 11 months but get the membership for a FULL YEAR!


We have discount codes that you can enter when you are signing up for your FIRE Card membership.  You can find these DISCOUNT CODES listed below.  Just scroll down below the Member Login boxes and enter the code that corresponds to membership you are purchasing.


So, if you like what you see in the FIRE Card program and want to join, you can click on the JOIN button at the top of the page to get signed up.  If you have questions about the membership program, just call our office at 815-786-9811.  Our amazing and friendly team will answer your questions and get you fired up for FIRE Card!


If you are a current FIRE Card member, thanks for joining our awesome program!  If you'd like to log into your account, scroll down on this page and you can log into your FIRE Card account from here.





Member Login: 

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(for annual membership only)


Membership                  Discount Code


Individual Child Membership (up to 13 yrs old)                          XOLT4CKJ


Individual Adult Membership (14 yrs to 59 yrs)                           RKUAQ3A9


Dual Membership Discount (Husband/Wife; 2 person)               S27RYKOU


Senior Membership Discount (60 yrs & up)                                 NXPRVQZV


Veteran Membership Discount (Armed Forces)                           29Y49LHV


Family of 3 Membership Discount                                               9AX467KL


Family of 4 Membership Discount                                               4VMSYQVM


Family of 5 Membership Discount                                               BM2IIQTA


Family of 6 Membership Discount                                               4U2OTU79