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Brrrrr! 2018 Starts Out Cold!

Hello all and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with friends, family, food, and lots of fun.  It's been awhile since we've had a winter with all the winter weather that goes with it, but it looks like this will be the year that we get back to what we are used to during these first months.


What a deep freeze we've all been experiencing here in 2018.  We have to get up a little earlier to start the car so the ice can melt off the windshield before we get going and to get nice and warm for our commute into work.  Then, if you can, get that car started at the end of the day before you leave work for the same reasons.  Be careful out there as you are driving around - we've seen quite a few injuries to teeth and jaws because of cars sliding off the road and into ditches and trees.


Hopefully the deep cold won't last for long and we'll just have our regular winter days back soon.  So, remember to bundle up, cover your head when you are out there shoveling or salting, and warm up as quick as you can to prevent a cold from getting you down.  Have a great start to 2018 and we are looking forward to seeing all our patients in the new year.


Dr. Lerohl, Dr. Landers and the whole team at First Impressions