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April and Spring Break

Hello everyone!  I hope all our friends out there had a wonderful spring break and I hope you got to spend some time with family during the Easter celebration.  The weather was very nice here in Sandwich - it really felt like a spring day and the sun and the sky were perfect.


For our spring break, we went down to the SouthEast part of the U.S.A. to look at some universities because my daughter is a junior in high school this year and it is time to figure out where to go for that higher education.  We started out down in Jacksonville, Florida and we really liked the University of North Florida and the whole Jacksonville area.  I had never been to Jacksonville and I was really impressed with the city, the people, and the food.  We then went to Columbia, South Carolina to see the University of South Carolina.  Then up to Anderson, South Carolina to see Anderson University and Clemson as well.  It was a really busy trip with a lot of driving, but we got a good look at the colleges and we now have something to compare with as we keep looking.


Whew!  I hope your spring break was relaxing and fun.  With baseball starting up let's hope our White Sox and Cubs have something to make us cheer for this year.  Get ready to get the garden planted in a few weeks, enjoy the spring weather, and take time to have fun with family and friends.  'Til next time.


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