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May Already!

Well, the first 4 months of 2018 sure seemed to fly by.  I was in the Southeast at the end of March with my family looking at Universities for my daughter.  She will be graduating high school in 2019 and we are getting a jump on the college tours to see what's out there (and what it will cost too).


In April I got to go visit my friend, mentor, and childhood dentist out in New Mexico.  My dad went along and the three of played golf, reminisced about everything, and had some great dinners.  One thing that was tough was the wind.  It was windy every day with some gusts over 40 mph.  However, if you hit your golf ball with the wind at your back, it flew like the pros!


It's been nice weather here in Sandwich this past week.  Everyone has been doing yard work and getting ready for summer.  I have to get some time (hopefully this first weekend in May) to get my garden going.  I think we'll do tomatoes, green beans, and some peppers.  I really like the fresh tomatoes - a little salt and pepper on them and I can eat a bunch.  I hope the weather stays nice and spring-like for awhile.  But, knowing how our weather usually goes, it'll probably zoom up to the high 80s and then drop back to the 40s within a matter of hours.


Have a great spring, Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there and we look forward to seeing you all this year.


Dr. Lerohl, Dr. Landers and team awesome at First Impressions